Round Alloy Wire

Freeport-McMoRan Bayway Operations offers a full line of Round Wire with diameters as large as .625", and as small as .0403" (18 AWG). These products will meet or exceed ASTM specification. Round Wire is available in standard tempers, and to customer specification.

Applications include conductors, electrical wiring, cold heading, rivets and electrical contacts.

We also offer these products in a broad range of alloys, including C101, C102, C110, C105-107, C162, C165, C182, C1815, and our renowned PD 135 Alloy. Sizes up to 2 AWG (.257" diameter) are available with a tin-coated finish.

These products are available in reels in various packaging configurations including fiber, plastic, steel and wooden reels (with weights up to 1,000 lb.), as well as bunched coils and on stems.


  • Cold Heading and Rivet Wire
  • Intermediate Product for drawing down to fine gauge and stranding
  • Electrical Contacts
  • Spring Manufacturing


  • 4/0 - 18 Gauge Bare or Hot Tin Dipped Copper Wire