Resistance Welding Materials

These high-strength/ high-conductivity alloy rods and bars are used extensively as the base material for resistance welding electrodes and related welding components. All products meet Resistance Welder Manufacturers Association (RWMA) standards.

RWMA products are offered in Round Rods from .250" to 3.650" diameter; in Square Bars from .375" to 2.500" Sq., and a broad range of rectangular configurations and hexagonal sizes.

Freeport-McMoRan Bayway Operations manufactures these products in the following alloys:

  • C18000 RWMA Class 3 (Beryllium Free RWMA Class 3)
  • C18200 RWMA Class 2
  • C18150 RWMA Class 2
  • C16200 RWMA Class 1