Tubing & Tubular Bus Conductors

Tubular Bus Conductors and heavy wall copper tubing are hollow copper profiles manufactured to provide internal cooling for high current density conductors for industrial/ induction heating and advanced magnets.

Freeport-McMoRan Bayway Operations offers copper tubing in a full complement of standard sizes such a 1.500" OD round or 1" x 1" square with a .750" diameter hole. Many of the shapes and sizes offered are built in accordance with customer specification.

Tubing and Tubular Bus Conductors are offered in round, square, rectangular and hexagonal shapes with round, square or rectangular center holes.

The products are supplied in straight lengths or in coiled form depending on size and specific customer requirements.

These products are available in the following CDA designation: C101, C102, C105-107, and C110.

Copper Tubing Size Availability

  • Shapes - 0.512" square x 0.210" hole
  • Shapes - 4" square x 0.250" wall
  • Tube - 0.875" - 4.0" CD x 0.060" - 0.500" wall